The Vice-Speaker Olena Kondratiuk had a conversation with Vice-Marshal of the Polish Sejm Monika Wielichowska and called for joint efforts to fight against russian grain imports to the EU

At the beginning of the conversation, which took place via video link, the Vice-Speaker congratulated her Polish colleague on her election as the Chairperson of the Polish part of the Parliamentary Assembly of Ukraine-Poland, where Olena Kondratiuk is a co-chairperson from the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine.

She also thanked the Vice-Marshal of the Sejm for all the assistance provided by Poland to Ukraine and the political resolutions adopted by Polish parliamentarians in our support.

In addition, Olena Kondratiuk from the Parliament of Ukraine expressed gratitude to the Sejm for the decision to extend temporary protection for Ukrainians in Poland in February and stressed that this was a very important and friendly step.

At the same time, the Deputy Chairperson of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine expressed concern about the protests of Polish farmers and their politicisation, which in fact benefits only russia.

“We see how russian propaganda is actively using provocative images from these protests for its own purposes and desire to divide the Ukrainian and Polish peoples.

I called on my Polish colleagues to rationally and constructively resolve this problem and to actively cooperate with the Ukrainian Government and the Verkhovna Rada. In particular, at the level of relevant ministries and agricultural committees,” stressed Olena Kondratiuk and drew the attention of her Polish colleagues to the need to jointly counteract the massive imports of russian grain and other products and goods to the EU countries.

Another serious challenge that the interlocutors discussed was the intention of russia to hold illegal presidential elections in the temporarily occupied territories of Ukraine.

The Vice-Speaker called on Poland not to recognise the results of these elections and expressed hope that the Polish Sejm would adopt a separate resolution on this issue.

The parties also discussed further plans for interparliamentary cooperation in the format of the Assembly. The Vice-Speaker of the Polish Sejm expressed her interest in joining the efforts of parliamentary diplomacy of both countries in advocating for the return of Ukrainian children illegally deported by russia.

Monika Wielichowska also assured that Poland would continue to support Ukraine in its fight against russian aggression. This support is a priority for the Government and the Sejm of Poland.