About magazine

“Kyiv Diplomatic” - full-color business edition. Language edition – Ukrainian and English;
Format - A4;
Periodicity - 10 issues a year;
Circulation of the magazine – 5 000 copies;
Founding date of project “Kyiv Diplomatic” - November 1998
Founding date of magazine “Kyiv Diplomatic” – February 2018

Target audience:

  • diplomats, employees of embassies, consular offices
  • business owners
  • heads of enterprises and trademarks of Ukraine
  • representatives of state administration, expert community
  • public figures, as well as people with an active life position


  • diplomatic missions of foreign countries accredited in Ukraine
  • diplomatic representations of Ukraine abroad
  • representations of Ukrainian diasporas abroad
  • in the information office of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Ukraine
  • CCI of Kyiv and regional representations of UCPU of Ukraine
  • members of the Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce and Industry
  • at international conferences, business and investment forums
  • other international economic events
  • international airports "Boryspil" and "Kiev" (VIP-hall, Business-halls)
  • stands in elite clubs, fitness centers


  • editorial subscription
  • points of sale of the press and book products
  • book`s point in the Parliament of Ukraine 

Task of the magazine “Kyiv Diplomatic”:

  • The magazine in a brief informational style illustrated with author's photos tells about the diversity of life of diplomats working in Ukraine and abroad, highlights topics of international politics, diplomacy, economics, business and culture
  • As a media sponsor of business forums, legal seminars and international exhibitions, the magazine promotes the development of the economic vector of relationships
  • Comprehensively popularizes the culture of different peoples by taking part in the organization of art and photo exhibitions, thematic evenings, film festivals, tourism seminars, sports tournaments, concert programs with world-class performers

Structure of the magazine “Kyiv Diplomatic”:

  • By distributing the official statements of the Ukrainian leadership in the heading "Official", we thus remind that it is a part of our state, its citizens. We invite heads of diplomatic representations to the pages of the heading "Personality" to share personal views on interstate relations, give a comment on current events, express the official position of the state. The most important and most interesting events in diplomatic life will be reflected in the "Diplomatic events"
  • Our socio-political, economic and cultural life is full of events, an expert evaluation of which can be read in the section "Analytics". International cooperation in all sectors, good neighborly relations is a prerequisite for the development of any country. That is why significant events in the field of mutually beneficial cooperation, international partnership will be reflected in the heading "Cooperation"
  • On the pages of "Retrospective" authorities, diplomacy meters will be shared by their own experience, their own assessment of contemporary events and, even, their own life stories. Pericles, a statesman, strategist, speaker and commander of Ancient Athens, said that a story that is true can only be written by those who saw the events with their own eyes or were their immediate participant. Therefore, such materials are valuable from our authors under the heading "Eyewitnesses". In fact, these are the people who created and create a modern history
  • It is difficult to know the world, remaining in the same place. And you can not understand the country only from the window of the excursion bus. Under the heading "Robinson's Ways", authors, for which travel is an integral part of life, will share their impressions, information and experience. And even the most interesting story of the guide is only the first impetus in knowing the history, culture, customs, traditions of this country, in the understanding of her soul

The list of topics is not exhaustive.

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