We have to strengthen the united front of our countries to resist terrorists

The Chairman of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine Ruslan Stefanchuk met with the Prime Minister of the Republic of Latvia Krisjanis Karins.

Ruslan Stefanchuk thanked the people of Latvia and the authorities of the Republic for their constant and strong support of Ukraine throughout the period of full-scale war, in particular, in making important political decisions for our country.

“I would like to thank you personally and the Government of Latvia for a number of decisions taken in support of Ukraine, in particular, the military. Latvia is among the world leaders in terms of military assistance to Ukraine as a percentage of GDP. This is a huge contribution to our common Victory! We appreciate it very much,” said the Chairman of the Ukrainian Parliament.

During the meeting, the parties also discussed a number of issues for further cooperation between the two countries, as well as between the executive and legislative branches of government.

In particular, they discussed strengthening sanctions pressure against the aggressor country and Latvia’s advocacy in this regard. Ruslan Stefanchuk stressed that it is extremely important to prevent russia from circumventing the restrictions imposed and to pay special attention to the full implementation of personal sanctions, sanctions against russia’s nuclear programme and the energy sector.

In addition, the participants discussed Ukraine’s initiative to bring russia to legal responsibility in international institutions and to establish a special international tribunal to ensure that russia is adequately punished for its crimes in Ukraine.

The interlocutors also highlighted the issue of Ukraine’s European integration and Euro-Atlantic path.

“We absolutely support Latvia’s position that negotiations on Ukraine’s full membership in the EU should begin this year. Your position that the greatest guarantee against russian expansion can only be Ukraine’s full accession to NATO is also important to us,” the Chairman of the Ukrainian Parliament said.

Ruslan Stefanchuk also thanked Latvia for its participation in Ukraine’s reconstruction.

“Latvia will participate in many projects related to Chernihiv region. Thank you for this position. We are convinced that the rebuilding of Ukraine after this terrible war should become a success story for the whole world,” said Ruslan Stefanchuk.

At the end of the meeting, the Chairman of the Ukrainian Parliament called on his Latvian colleagues and friends to strengthen their unity against the aggressor, which is a threat to the whole world.

“This neighbour, even after his defeat, will not go anywhere. Therefore, we have to change the philosophy of our attitude towards it and strengthen the united front of our countries to confront the terrorist. We have to be even more united!” the Chairman of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine stressed.

For his part, the Prime Minister of the Republic of Latvia Krisjanis Karins said that today’s meeting was important and symbolic.

“We admire your country, your soldiers and the entire nation. The entire Latvian people live with you and breathe the same air. The resistance you are putting up to the fierce invasion reminds all our peoples, the whole of Europe, that our values – freedom, democracy, people’s power – are not given in vain, but are won at a great price,” the Prime Minister stressed.

He also noted that Latvia stands on the principles of constant assistance to Ukraine, especially military assistance, and is ready to continue to advocate for its provision and strengthening.

“Latvia has recently approved a new package of military assistance to Ukraine to provide everything necessary, including specific equipment, gear, etc. I am constantly communicating with major global players to support Ukraine from each nation, as Latvia has already done with more than 1% of its GDP,” said Krisjanis Karins.

At the same time, he supported the important thesis of strengthening sanctions for circumventing them, noting that all loopholes for those countries that are trying to secretly help russia should be closed.

In addition, he said that the Latvian government had recently adopted a new state budget, which includes a separate article on assistance to Chernihiv region.

“And this is not just intentions or words, it is the law. We understand that such assistance will be needed not when the war is over, but now, today, now. Because people have to live, life has to go on,” said the Prime Minister of Latvia.

In conclusion, Krisjanis Karins noted that, unfortunately, the history of war and the past is repeating itself in Ukraine today, and it is the common task of all countries of the world to give a final answer to this history in order to resist a dangerous invader.